Jibber Jabber Game

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Jibber Jabber Speak Out Party Board Game

This hilarious game is bound to have all your jaws jiggling, with its crazy mouthpiece speaking challenge. This game creates amusing fun to impress all of your family and friends. To begin, separate your group of friends or family into two teams. One team member has to wear a strange plastic device in their mouth that stretches their mouth wide open. The device wearer takes a "phrase" card which usually consists of 4-6 words and attempts to repeat the words to his team members who must try to work out what the words are while a 60-second timer is running. Hand movements are allowed but not miming. This game will bring both laughter and frustration to each player but will have everyone speaking absolute Jibber Jabber. With drinks involved or not, this is sure to be a party game everyone will enjoy, and without a doubt will be the party game of the year.

  • Includes: 200 plastic coated phrase cards,
  • 6 mouthpieces and a 60 second timer.
  • Suitable for those over the age of 16 years and for between 4 and 6 players.


  • A Crazy Mouthpiece Speaking Challenge!
  • Biggest Selling Game This Christmas!
  • Game Set to Make you Cry with Laughter!
  • Contents: 6 Mouthpieces, 200 Cards & Timer
  • Suitable For Ages 16 Years +