12 Pack Colour Therapy Sharpened Colour Pencils

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12 Pack Professional-Grade, Anti-Stress Colour Pencils

These colour pencils are a perfect addition to your art and crafts time as they have a vibrant metallic colour consistency with great calming qualities. Other than enhancing the look of your masterpiece, it offers a great escape from all your tensions and hassles. This sharpened colouring pencil pack is perfect to use for both kids and adults, who love to create a bright and tidy piece of art. With these long-lasting colour pencils, you can draw and colour on any paper with a different texture. The pack consists of 12 lustrous colours, including Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. The lightweight colour box is perfect for carrying to school, workshops, college, tuition, office and relaxing trips.

• A pack of 12 bright pencil colours with stress calming properties
• Convenient to carry along at different places like school, college and workshops
• Ideal to use for both adults and kids
• Anti-stress properties which help in recuperating and relaxing
• A perfect addition to your art and crafts collection