150 Bamboo BBQ Skewers
150 Bamboo BBQ Skewers
150 Bamboo BBQ Skewers
150 Bamboo BBQ Skewers

150 Bamboo BBQ Skewers

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All our Barbecue sticks are made from Natural Bamboo. It's hard- Flexible and Strong. Can take the weight of Meat or Paneer easily and can complete your barbecue process with ease. Wash it or dip it in water for 10 mins before you start your process. The Stick can withstand the charcoal heat with ease. Slight burns will give your tikka or barbecue a Smoky essence. This product is not intended for direct fire. This for Charcoal / Electric Tandoor. Each Stick is boiled and carbonized which gives a faint brownish colour. This process prevents the Natural skewer from infestation for longer storage. These bamboo sticks are disposable products, which can be discarded after use without spending too much time and mind to clear away; the natural bamboo sticks can be degraded and are harmless to the environment.


  • Each pack contains one hundred and fifty individual skewers.
  • Eco-friendly, 100% natural wooden bamboo skewers
  • Food grade, each bamboo skewer is carefully selected, clean, no split and no debris
  • The pointed ends are accurately sharpened, making it labour-saving to pierce through thick pieces.
  • Ideal Use For BBQ, Frying, Chocolate Fountain, Fruit, Salad Displays.
  • Perfect for grilled or barbecued meat, fish and vegetable kebabs
  • Great for fruit, chocolate fountains and fondues
  • These Bamboo Skewers are composed of natural bamboo, It is perfect for BBQs and home cooking.

Product Information:

Brand - Trading Innovation
Product Type - Skewers
Material - Bamboo
Set Includes - 150 Pcs Bamboo Skewers

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