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18" Pop Up Collapsible Portable Safety Cone Football Traffic Posts Driving

18" Pop Up Collapsible Portable Safety Cone Football Traffic Posts Driving

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Foldable Safety Traffic Cone with Reflective Strips

Now guiding and diverting traffic temporarily has become easy with this foldable road traffic safety cone. The foldable design of this safety cone makes it carry in any vehicle, including cars and trailer vans. It offers a safe and convenient way to distinguish a recovery vehicle in case of a breakdown or puncture. Other than being super useful for diverting traffic or alerting people on the road, the collapsible cone can be used to mark entryways, sporting events and pedestrian activities. Quality construction ensures durability and withstands rough usage. This foldable safety cone features high visibility reflective bands that work deficiently in low lighting conditions to mark vehicles and other risk-prone areas.

• Helps to guide and navigate traffic and people in case of an emergency on the road.
• Robust material construction makes it highly durable to withstand everyday wear and tear.
• Foldable design makes it easy to carry along at different places.
• Comes along reflective bands to ensure high performance in a low lighting environment.
• Can be used to mark areas for sporting events, wet floors, pedestrian crossing etc.


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