24 Funky Pencils With Fun Eraser Toppers Kids Animal Fruit Cute Stationery Set

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Rubber Erasers shaped like Bug Insect, Football, Butterfly, Love Heart, Cake, Dolphin, Ice Cream, Fish, Bus, Rabbit, and Monkey.

Bright and colorful this set makes drawing and sketching fun and if mistakes occur help is at hand with a choice of these pencil topped erasers. These pencils with erasers can be used at different occasions in schools and nurseries as rewards to pupil by taking them out of the package.

For Children to Play, Draw, Write & Erase with.

• Not for children under 3 years
• Fun way of encouraging kids to get creative
• 24 Quality Funky Pencils with 24 Funky Erasers
• Sketch / Eraser / Correct / Draw
• For Children to Play, Draw, Write & Erase with.
• Funky pencils, children's gift, party bag,
• Sketch, Erase
• For Children to Learn