2pk Solar Sun Jar Lights

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Glass LED Solar Powered Decorative Jar Lights

Designed to be used as perfect decorative light, these jar lights are powered by solar energy that makes them ideal for outdoor use. The lights have a sleek and minimalistic design. The crystal jar not only provides bright illumination but also adds up to the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space wherever installed. The solar panel provided with this light charges it during the day and turns it on automatically at the nightfall. The unique design ensures hassle free installation. It can be installed on any pole or platform that comes under the reach of sunlight. LED provides a cost effective solution to the illumination requirements and the solar panel makes it a onetime investment device.

• An efficient and effective solution to outdoor illumination requirements
• Sleek and minimalistic design
• Crystal exterior makes it an important part of the outdoor decoration
• Efficient charging by the solar panel during the day which turns it on for bright illumination at the nightfall.
• LED lamps inside the crystal exterior provide bright lighting
• Hassle free installation that can be done on any platform or pole