56 x Anti Skid Self Adhesive Pads
56 x Anti Skid Self Adhesive Pads
56 x Anti Skid Self Adhesive Pads

56 x Anti Skid Self Adhesive Pads

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Premium rubber furniture pads will keep in place all furniture and protect floors in Your lovely home from scratches. Our anti-slip furniture pads for hardwood floor are perfect for any type of light furniture, dining chairs, table, cabinet, stools, sofa, couch. Our hardwood floor protectors have tenacious adhesive which will hold grippers on the furniture for a long time. And it’s so easy to stick our floor protectors to the furniture feet! Place our furniture protector pads on the legs of your furniture, not only to minimize scratching but also to minimize the grating noise that comes with even the slightest movements of your favourite furniture. And you never have to hear that annoying scraping noise again.


  • Protect floor and other surfaces from scratches and reduce friction and noise while moving furniture
  • Forget about scratches, scuffs and annoying noise when you move chairs and recliners with our non-skid self-adhesive rubber pads
  • The rubber pads are perfect for all types of floor: hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, marble, linoleum, concrete and all other hard floors
  • Our Furniture Coasters Have High-Quality Strong Glue Will Hold On For A Long Time On The Furniture Feet.
  • Best Protection For Hardwood Floor And Great Fixing For Any Home Furniture (Sofas And Beds, Chairs And Recliners, Ottomans And Tables, Etc).

Product Information:

Brand - Trading Innovation
Product Type - Self Adhesive Anti Skid Pads
Material - Rubber

Set Includes:

  • 24 x Small Squares Approx - 25mm²
  • 8 x Larger Squares Approx - 38mm²
  • 24 x Circles Diameter - 25mm

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