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Grafix Educational Activity Book

Let the young minds explore a book full of creativity and unique activities. When the world is hanging over the web, gift your kids a Grafix Super Awesome Activity book and let them enjoy the real-play altogether. A revamped version of classic activity books, this one includes several different games that will channelise your child's enthusiasm in the best possible manner. Let them choose their favourite pick from various games including Spot the Difference, Maze Puzzle, Colour by Numbers, and counting and number puzzles. Spend time with you kids, playing games and activities from this book and help your child learn and develop their intellectual skills. This book provides an ideal way for promoting creative learning for toddlers of 3+, making them engaged in books throughout the day.

• The book has 72 pages full of activities
• The Grafix activity book measures 29 cm high, 21 cm wide and 1 cm in diameter
• Versatile activities like Spot the Difference, Maze Puzzle, Colour by Numbers and more
• Perfect for children above 3 years old
• Ideal creative learning aid