White Battery-Operated Automatic Soap Dispenser with IR Sensors

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White Battery-Operated Automatic Soap Dispenser with IR Sensors

This liquid soap dispenser offers a convenient way to wash your hands without touching a used soap and to maintain proper hygiene. This soap dispenser is made using high-grade ABS plastic material, which makes it highly resistant to everyday wear and tear. It features a smart infrared sensor that monitors your hands' movement to dispense the perfect amount of liquid soap, eliminating manual operation. With an induction speed of 0.25 seconds, this touchless soap dispenser allows for a hassle-free and quick hand wash. This automatic soap dispensing machine runs on 4AAA batteries, which eliminate the use of power connection for easy, wireless operation.

• Automatic liquid soap dispenser machine to maintain optimum hand hygiene
• Equipped with an infrared sensor to detect hand movement to pour soap and to eliminate manual operation
• Can be operated using 4AAA batteries that can be replaced with new ones whenever required
• Embraces a 0.25 seconds induction speed for quick disposable of soap
• Made using premium-quality ABS plastic to ensure high performance and durability