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Pack of 10 Cable Identifiers in Different Colours

This pack of colour-coded cable identifiers eliminates the hassle of finding the right cable on a plug or knowing which cord belongs to which device. These cord identifiers are perfect for Wi-Fi, television and computer wires to remove the guesswork of finding the cable during an interrupted network. These cable management identifiers are made using high-quality material, which ensures you get reliable and lasting performance. The bright and different colours code allows you to attach these wire identifiers to both or either end of a wire for easy identification. It is a perfect invention for technicians or novice cablers to label wires at job sites.

• Pack of 10 cable identifiers to identify and label different wires
• Available in different colours shades to eliminate the guesswork while locating a wire
• Durable material construction ensures a high and reliable performance
• Perfect for technicians and cablers to identify cords and plugs at job sites
• Suitable for computer, TV, Wi-Fi wires at homes and offices