Breathable Chair Seat Cover Pad Featuring a Rattan Design

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Breathable Chair Seat Cover Pad Featuring a Rattan Design

Offering a relaxing and cushioning back to you, this chair seat cover pad makes sitting on a car or office chair for a prolonged period easier and more comfortable. It is made from sturdy, high-quality material that offers a breathable texture. You can easily fit this car seat cushion to your desired chair without any installation hassles. It is a perfect car accessory for drivers or people who travel on long-haul routes to offer a more relaxed and stress-free sitting throughout the journey. It comes with an elastic strap that holds the pad in place without causing any inconvenience. This chair seat pad features a universal size, which means it can be fit on any chair and car seat.

• High-quality, sturdy car seat cover to provide ample cushioning and comfort
• Features a rattan design that adjusts according to different body types
• Great to place on any office or car seat as it features a universal size
• Equipped with an elastic strap to offers a snug fit when placed on any chair or car seat
• Perfect car accessory for long-route car drivers for comfortable prolonged sitting