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Grafix Weird Science Kitchen Experiment Kit for Kids

Let your little ones experience the fun of real kitchen science with this exciting experiment kit. They will quickly and easily learn new concepts and understand the science behind everyday kitchen activities in an intriguing way. With multiple engaging experiments to choose from, your little ones will love making eggs vanish or making cornflour slime balls with their friends. Perfect for playdates, the kitchen science experiment kit is suitable for ages 8 and above. The kit includes a record sheet, a scoop, two colored dyes, a spatula, three test tubes, two packets of sand, a paintbrush, a funnel, a beaker, goggles and instructions to help your child get all the experiments done perfectly!

• Includes science equipment, goggles, instructions and other essentials to perform experiments
• Fun and educational science set with kitchen-related experiments
• Suitable for ages 8 and above
• Experiments can be done alone, with friends or parents
• Available in a sturdy box for portability and easy storage