Defrost Thaw Tray,medium size DFROST-20

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Thermally Conductive Aluminium Defrosting Tray

Precisely designed to allow easy defrosting of a frozen meal, this rectangular food tray is a worthy addition to your kitchenware. This defrosting tray is made with the finest grade of aluminium that adds strength, making it durable enough to withstand the test of time. The tray features a conductive surface that certainly speeds up the thawing, defrosting the food in half the time as compared to the natural thawing process. The large, flat surface of this defrosting tray makes it an ideal addition to versatile addition to the kitchen, easing the process defrosting without the need for a microwave or any electrical appliance. Use this to normalise the temperature of most frozen meats including steak, pork chops, chicken breasts, fish, or lamb chops, without compromising on the nutrient content of the dish.

• Features a flat conductive surface for easy defrosting
• Tray defrosts a frozen meal in half the time than normal thawing process
• Available in an elegant black shade to complement the table settings
• Rectangular tray has durable aluminium construction
• It is 29.5 long, 20.3 wide and 0.2cm high.