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Dictionary Safe Storage Book

Dictionary Safe Storage Book

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Keep your confidential and secret items hidden away in this book-safe. It is fashioned to offer an authentic English Dictionary look, camouflaging your belongings, such as jewellery, cash, important documents, mobile phones and other valuables. The fool-proof design features an inbuilt key-hole and is equipped with two identical keys for complete security. Just stow away your belongings and lock up the safe to keep your secret possessions in plain sight, but completely concealed!


The outer book texture of this secret safe is designed with premium cotton fabric to mimic an original book. The pages are made with high-quality plastic to withstand external wear and tear, while the inside storage box is fashioned with robust steel to ensure durability. The overall structure of the dictionary locker-safe makes a design that will deceive the on-looker and keep all your belongings safe for many years to come.


  • ENGLISH DICTIONARY DESIGN: Designed to hideaway all your personal belongings, this storage locker has an authentic dictionary style. With fine lettering and logo designs, it will effectively conceal all of your valuables without revealing any signs of the safe. The pages add a realistic touch to the design and the covers are available in 3 different colours – Blue, Black and red.
  • SPACIOUS HIDDEN LOCKER: With a sturdy hinge for effective opening and closing, this dictionary safe storage offers ample of storage space for valuables such as passports, ID cards, cash, confidential documents, jewellery and keys. Store away anything you want without worry, ensuring your belongings are secure in this hideaway locker safe.
  • SAFE WITH KEYS: You can now lock away anything you want with the help of the inbuilt keyhole in this safe. The locker requires a key to open, making sure it cannot be penetrated, for maximum safety. It is equipped with a set of two identical keys to make sure you always have a spare for complete access to your belongings.


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