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Dual sided back scrubber

Dual sided back scrubber

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Enjoy an invigorating shower with the Dual Sided Back Scrubber. It cleans and massages your entire body with a combination of large and small bristles to reach every inch of you. Stimulates circulation and soothes sore, tired muscles.

This back scrubber has combined the back scrubber and massage brush.

The back scrubber has more than 1500 massaging cleaning bristles and it can help to stimulate blood circulation and massages sore muscles.
This back scrubber can clean and make messages to your entire body.
It is made of silica gel and it is tough and durable even cleaning your feet without bending

• The Dual Sided Back Scrubber clean, massages and exfoliates your entire body
• Combination of large and small bristles
• Clean your back easily and clean your feet without bending
• Stimulates circulation and soothes sore, tired muscles
• Measures about 87*12cm
• Colour Blue
• Rubber


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