Duck Feather Pillow Pair


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Luxurious Hotel Quality Pure Cotton and Duck Feather Pillows

Indulge in these luxurious cotton duck feather pillows for a comfortable and undisturbed sleep. Fashioned with 240 thread count pure cotton cambric, these quality pillows are plumped with small extra soft duck feathers for the lushest feel and soft, yet sturdy structure. Each pillow is filled with 1000g pure, natural duck feather for the most deluxe and relaxed sleep every night. The premium cotton is gentle on the skin and offers non-allergenic pillows for maximum comfort. They are double stitched with piped edges to ensure durability, while the anti-dust-mite design of the pillows keeps them protected. They are machine washable for easy and low maintenance and are equipped with a zip bag for clean and safe storage if required.

• Fashioned with 100% pure cotton and 1000g duck feathers
• The pillows are machine washable for convenience and easy maintenance
• An anti-dust-mite design ensure protection and longevity
• Each duck feather pillow measures 50 cm x 75 cm
• Made to British standards 5335