EZ Clean Dust Mop Slippers Quick House Floor Cleaning Shoes

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EZ Clean Dust Mop Slippers Lazy Quick House Floor Polishing Cleaning Socks Shoes

These soft mop slippers are perfect for cleaning your floor while you walk, easily clean those out of the way places without kneeling or stooping. They are non-abrasive so no need to worry about scratching your floor and they are perfect for cleaning dust, dirt and pet hairs. The slippers are machine washable so you can clean and reuse the slippers once they have cleaned away all the dust and dirt from your floor, featuring an elasticated opening for a snug one size fits all.

These mop slippers allow you to clean your floor while you walk. They are Non-abrasive so they won’t scratch your floor. They are best suited for dust, dirt, and pet hair. The Slipper can be washed in the Washing Machine so the slippers can be reused once they have been cleaned. The slippers have an elasticated opening to allow for you that one size fits all.

  • Soft mop slippers
  • Non-abrasive and scratch resistant
  • Simply wear on your feet for a smooth and clean floor
  • Perfect for dust, dirt and pet hairs
  • Machine washable
  • One size elastic opening for snug fit

Measurements Approx.

Height: 22cm Width: 16cm Depth: 5cm Weight: 160g

Package Content

1 x Pair Clean Mop Slippers

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