Genuine Bolt Cutter | Heavy Duty Grips Snip Croppers Suitable for Cutting Cable Wires (30 inch)

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cutting tools are cutting edge, equipping the doers of the world with the power and strength they need to do their best work. The razor-sharp blades on our utility knives come in folding or retractable versions. Small enough to fit in a pocket but powerful enough to cut heavy-duty materials, tools measure up. These mini stainless-steel blades are more than box cutters – they slice everything from the drywall in the kitchen to heavy-duty cables in a chop-shop, without compromising on safety. Our bolt cutters make quick work of locks or fencing, making them perfect for industrial or professional jobs cutting low- or medium-carbon steel. Their wide jaws but slim profiles give them incredible access to tight spaces.


  • High carbon steel blades
  • Centre cut, strap adjusted bolt cutters
  • Drop forged, heat-treated, hardened and tempered
  • Adjusting screw for keeping cutting edges aligned
  • Built-in stops will yield rather than break