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Heart Shaped Pink Silicone Non-Stick Mould

If baking is your passion, then this heart-shaped baking mould is a great pick for you. A must-have in your collection of baking moulds, the heart-shaped silicone cups tray helps you bake love for special occasions like valentines, birthdays and anniversaries. Made with premium-grade silicone, the tray allows easy de-moulding with a simple push. Bake sweet delicacies like muffins, cakes, and cupcakes or freeze some jelly and chocolate mixtures to treat your sweet tooth in this silicone tray with 6 heart-shaped cups. It is extremely easy to clean by simply brushing off the leftover water and wiping it with a cloth. The muffins tray delivers precision heart-shaped cookies to make your evening brunches a bit more romantic and comforting.

• The baking tray measures 26 cm long, 17 cm wide, and 3 cm deep
• Premium silicone construction for easy de-moulding
• Withstand the oven temperature up to 220 degrees
• The tray with 6 heart-shaped cups is easy to clean
• Perfect for baking or freezing desserts