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Inflatable Skippy Ball

Inflatable Skippy Ball

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This bouncing ball is the right pick to keep your child engulfed in active play. Apart from play, your child also gets a physical training session to gain more control over motor skills. It is a great tool to practice and master body balancing techniques. Specially made to provide an enriched playtime to your ward, it helps to expand their imagination. This playing ball jumps and bounces, channelizing the energy of kids in the right direction, allowing you to take a break and complete your daily chores.


The inflatable ball features a goofy face graphic with big eyes and smile showing two rabbit-like teeth. The cute cartoon character quickly becomes your child's best friend and favourite pastime. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor playing areas. The ball is made from quality material that stays soft on your kid's skin. The soft texture of this ball is gentle for the skin of young children, keeping you stress-free.


  • FEATURE LOADED DESIGN: Designed for adding fun in your kid's playing time, this bouncing ball ensures safety too. It features two antennae which work as handles for a secure grip. It makes sure that your child can hold them firmly and ensure proper balance while hopping around.
  • EASY TO USE: The hop ball is easy to inflate and can be deflated when not in use. While inflating, make sure that you are not over-inflating. Keep the ball away from hot objects and flame. Natural leakage of the ball is normal, hence the ball can be bloated again in no time.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR: Available in two colours, red and blue, this ball is a good playtime toy for your child. You can use his ball to arrange games at birthday parties, school race, and even at homes. Regular play keeps your child active and helps to foster their physical growth.


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