KOSMODISK Spine Massager

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An effective solution for everyone who may experience pain in the spine and lower back area. Consisting of a Spine Massager for the entire torso and a Lower Back Massager for the lower back. Designed for a universal fit, fully adjustable and comfortable to wear.
The package contains:
• Spine Massager for the entire torso
• Lower Back Massager for the lower back
• Cotton carry bag
Instructions for Use
The KOSMODISK CLASSIC Spine Massager should be used whenever pain strikes. We recommend using the Kosmodisk for 10-20 days – during which the Kosmodisk should be worn for at least three hours per day.
The KOSMODISK can be worn either over or under light clothing. However you will experience the best effects when wearing KOSMODISK directly on the skin. The ribbed part of the KOSMODISK should always be turned towards the body.
To clean, simply wash it with warm water and a brush. Use a biodegradable soap which does not irritate the skin. Do not attempt to wash your KOSMODISK in your washing machine.