Large Unstuffed Animal Dog Toy
Large Unstuffed Animal Dog Toy
Large Unstuffed Animal Dog Toy
Large Unstuffed Animal Dog Toy

Large Unstuffed Animal Dog Toy

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The snuggly unstuffed squeaky toys have no hidden dangerous stuffing, it's very safe for your puppy to play, no worry about swallow or chokes on. And it will be more durable because most dogs are less tempted to kill an unstuffed toy. No more cleaning up bits of fluff from all over the house. Machine washable, throw them in the washer and you have a brand new toy again These toys are very durable, but please don't treat them as indestructible dog toys. These toys are suitable for any occasion. animal design with more realistic looking will satisfy your pet’s natural hunting instinct, great for bouncing, shaking, tossing, and retrieving. Made of superior fabric material, safe, soft and durable, machine washable, easy to clean.


  • These dog toys are made aim to provide dogs with enough fun, help reduce dogs destruction behaviour, like bit sofa, shoes and so on.
  • For one thing, these interactive toys help strengthen the bond between you and your dog. For another, give your pet a companion when you are not around them, thus deters misbehaviour.
  • The cute animal design satisfies your pet's natural hunting instinct, occupied to prevent he/she damaging your furniture, also great to help its teeth and gums to grow healthily.
  • Dogs need to be accompanied by their owners and need to go outside to play for free. And the dog flirt toys set will give you a great time with your dog. And also it can keep your dogs away from boredom and loneliness.
  • The three soft dog toys are made of safe and natural stuffing, which can let your dog play with them safely and free. 

Product Information:

Brand - Trading Innovation
Product Type - Plush Dog Toy
Design Options - Dog, Fox
Size - 21"" / 53cm (Approx)
Package Includes - 1 x Plush Dog Toy

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