Luxury Heated Blanket
Luxury Heated Blanket

Luxury Heated Blanket

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You can control the temperature of your bed with the Comfort Control Electric Blanket. With Comfort Control, you may snuggle up in a warm and comfortable bed while drifting off for a peaceful night's sleep, rather than climbing into a chilly bed. You may choose from six different heat levels with the easy controller. The electric blanket may be machine washed and is compatible with memory foam.


  • Detachable controller for machine washing.
  • Fixed heating wires to ensure uniform distribution.
  • It is warm, soft & cosy along with being nice & fluffy.
  • Lightweight microlight plush fabric adds extra warmth for people.
  • The undetectable dense wires provide comfort the whole night.


  • Brand: Trading Innovation 
  • Type: Electric Blanket 
  • Material: Fleece 
  • Size: 160*130cm

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