Magnetic Windscreen Cover Frost Ice Shield


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This Magnetic Car Windshield cover is the solution to provide you with protection to your windscreen from icing over , save precious time by not having to deice or get out of bed 30 minutes earlier to start your car. The Magnetic Car Windscreen cover comes complete in a protective bag so you can fold it up when not needed and can be stored safely. As this cover is magnetic, it doesn't need to be attach via strings or by locking your door on the edges which can be a real nuisance!
  • Extra strength magnets at each corner to ensure easy application
  • Will NOT blow away in the wind
  • No need for fiddly strings and straps
  • Acts as both a Snow/Frost & Sun Shade protector
  • Keeps your cars windscreen clear from Frost and Snow in the Winter time
  • Made from high quality polyester
Approximate Size : 96cm X 162cm
Package Contents:
1X Deluxe Magnetic Windscreen Cover Protector
1X Magnetic Windscreen Cover Protector Bag