Memory foam knee pillow

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Comfort Therapy Memory Foam Knee Pillows with Elastic

Designed to fit comfortably between the legs, this knee pillow provides the apt alignment for the hips, knees and back for better posture. Often preferred to use by those with sciatica, back pain, leg pain, pregnancy, hip/joint pain and post-surgical ailment. This comfort pillow is sure to alleviate the body pain by keeping the body in correct posture. Made with 100% premium quality memory foam, this knee cushion conforms to the shape of your body and supports the joints to reduce the pain. This comfort therapy cushion is covered in a high-quality fabric that feel soft against the skin and prevents the buildup of bacteria and mites. It features a leg strap that helps it to stay in place to prevent it from slipping away while sleeping. The elastic strap is specially designed to provide a perfect fit for different body sizes.

• Comfort therapy pillow for people with joint, leg and hip ailments, pregnant women, and sciatic patients
• Made with 100% premium grade memory foam
• Creates stability, eliminating motion transmission
• Provides pressure relief with improved blood circulation
• The cushion contours the body shape and distributes weight evenly, avoiding unnecessary tension
• Relieves pressure on the lower back during pregnancy
• Can be placed in multiple positions around the knee
• The elastic strap can be adjusted to provide a perfect fit
• It measures 25.2 x 18.8 x 17.4 cm