MultiColour Light Up Glow In The Dark Bracelet

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Multi-Colour Glow in The Dark Band Bracelet

A perfect party accessory, these glow in the dark band bracelets are made with durable material that ensures long life expectancy and warehouse life. Multiple colours and bright glow make them perfect for a group of friends attending a concert or a music festival. These multi-coloured bracelets are easy to wear and will start to glow by simply shaking. The 8 in. of length makes these perfect to wear for adults. Once shaken, these bands can continue to glow for many hours to keep the spirit of the party going. The width of these bands makes them look like glowing bangles and make them look ever stylish.

• Multi-colour bands are the perfect accessory for parties, concerts, music festivals, etc.
• All you need to do is take it out of the packet and shake it for a few seconds to make it glow
• Once shaken properly, these bands will continue to glow for prolonged duration
• 8 in. long bracelet is perfect to be worn by adults as well