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Trading Innovation

Pill Storage Compartment Box and Cutter

Pill Storage Compartment Box and Cutter

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Imagine a small pill organizer that can also help split vitamins and medicine so you have the right dosage. Because our Pill Cutter for Small Pills accurately splits and crushes pills into smaller doses, that means to get clean edges making it easier to consume at the home, office or on the road. Unlike the other pill crushers, ours features a v-grip so you can easily hold any shape pill you need to crush. Hold the pill securely in place and split with ease also it is made of food-grade materials and is 100% BPA-free which means that it will keep you safe and won't negatively affect your health.


  • Cut pills and medications with ease. 
  • Super lightweight for travel convenience.
  • Pill cutter is easy to cutter pill into 1/2, 1/4, 1/8.
  • Small and easy to carry- ideal for purse, bag, car
  • Pill Splitter consists of a stainless steel blade that splits all size tablets
  • It consists of food-grade PP without BPA and stainless steel blade
  • A long-life blade of surgical stainless steel, will cut your tablets in half quickly, cleanly and safely
  • Flexible V-shaped holder grips all sizes of pills firmly for accurate cutting.
  • Storage space in the base to keep medications.
  • Cut pills and medications with ease.
  • Super lightweight for travel convenience.

Product Information:

Brand - Trading Innovation
Product Type - Pill Cutter / Splitter
Material - Plastic
Colour - Blue, Green
Dimension - 8cm x 3.5cm x 2.5cm(Approx.) 
Set Includes - 1 x Pill Cutter / Splitter


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