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This 2 in 1 Travel pet bowl is neatly packed in a zipped up pouch.Opening the zipper, you will get 2 travel bowls. Best practice is to use one for water and one for food!
The size of each bowl is at a perfect 5.5 inch diameter and 3 inch deep. About 4 cups of water or food.
Nylon fabric with interior waterproof and leak proof water bowl is more durable, lighter, and easier to pack and carry.
Outdoor adventure or indoor stays the collapsible travel bowl is ready to take care of your dog or cat.
Comes with a carabiner style clip to easily attach it to your backpack, belt, travel crate or leash.
Traveling with your pets can be strenuous and difficult, with the 2 in 1 travel bowl it can make things much more pleasant. Our pet travel bowls make it simple to leave food out on longer overnight trips, or even just to give your dogs or cats a quick snack and drink while out for a walk. The dual travel bowl design allows you to leave food and water out at the same time for feeding your dog or cat when on an extended trip. 
1,Handy and portable. Easy to store and bring. Great for travel
2,Two Bowls have a 5.5"(14cm) diameter and 3"(8cm)depth. 
3,Lightweight and durable, high quality nylon material. 
4,The water bowl is sealed internally with a waterproof lining making it safe and easy to clean. 
5,Never loose your travel bowls with the handy clip to attach the bowls anywhere you need. 
6,The convenient metal latch easy to attach your backpack, belt, travel crate or leash. 
7, It is also easy to fold and store in your pocket, stroller, glove box, or purse. Most commonly used for cats and dog but can be used to feed any pets. 
Your pet needs water to drink and stay cool. If you like travel or going somewhere, this is a portable bowl for you to carry.