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Trading Innovation

100% Genuine Natural Healing Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

100% Genuine Natural Healing Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

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This Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp has been beautifully hand carved from 100% Pure and Natural salt found high up in The Himalayas. It is fully assembled and packaged in a luxury gift box with an adjustable dimmer switch. The Himalayan salt lamp not only looks beautiful look but also have unique health benefits. These Lamps are known for their therapeutic properties. They release a stream of negative ions which can purify the air against allergens and pollutants. This is said to increase levels of serotonin to relieve stress, alleviate depression & boost energy also it has a beautiful glow that helps to enhance the ambience of a room. These lamps are the perfect match for your kids bedroom or the study room, TV lounge, computer lab, living room, office, spa and your own bedroom


  • 100% Pure & Natural expertly hand-carved from authentic Himalayan Salt.
  • Our Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is a great way to naturally improve your mood
  • It is effective in helping you to relax and unwind at the end of the day
  • Increase levels of serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress and boost energy
  • Better sleep and reduced anxiety also help to maintain sexuality and libido.
  • Produces negative ions which reduce electrosmog
  • The lamps just look beautiful, pleasing the eye and cleanses the air.

Product Information: 

☛ Brand - Trading Innovation
☛ Product Type -
Himalayan Salt Lamp
☛ Material -
Genuine Himalayan Salt
☛ Colour -
☛ Set Includes -
1x Salt Lamp


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