Salt-Water Powered Robot Kit - Educational Science Learning Model for Kids | Robot Building Kit

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Salt Water Powered Robot Kit

If you are thinking to buy an educational & fun learning toy for your children, then nothing can beat this amazing robot kit as a fun learning product. This is a salt-water robot kit that is specifically made using safe to use plastic material with no batteries. It works purely on the basic concepts of reaction produced by the saltwater and magnesium. The magnesium sheet, which is consumed by the saltwater to let the motor working. The parts are built sturdy to withstand multiple roughest usages by kids. It also makes a perfect educational gift and toy for kids to let them learn and play simultaneously. This genius little robot can help to teach children about green energy and environmental issues, it is also a fun way to help cultivate their innovation and intelligence. The saltwater robot uses magnesium sheets to power the motor that runs the wheel, the way it works is that the saltwater gradually consumes the magnesium sheets and the chemical reaction that occurs generates enough energy to power the motor.

This educational science toy is perfect for science projects or even for something to do like a bit of family fun on a wet and rainy day. The robot is made from plastic parts and the kit includes a motor, front and rear axles with wheels and the materials needed to make the saltwater battery.


  • Build your own environmentally friendly robot.
  • Powered entirely by saltwater.
  • No batteries required.
  • Simply add saltwater to the power unit and watch it go.
  • Educational science toy.