Sledge Hammer Set
Sledge Hammer Set

Sledge Hammer Set

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The sledge hammer handle has steel wedges for fixing wooden handles to hammers, axes, and mauls. It is designed to be used securely to wedge the hammer into the handle to prevent loosening of the handle during use. The wedge has a unique shape with a wavy profile. It is used to secure the heads of sledge hammers to a shaft. Offering a range of genuine tools, from power tools to hand tools, we are sure to cover all your wants and needs. You are assured of high-quality products from manufacturers with over of experience.


  • One of each size 4A, 4AH and 5
  • Uniquely shaped with a wavy profile
  • Prevent loosening of the handle during use
  • Used for wedging hammer into the handle


  • Brand - Trading Innovation
  • Type - Hammer wedges
  • Application - Repair Axe 
  • Features - Traditional, Strong 
  • Set Include - 1x Tester

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