Infrared Thermometer | No-Touch Forehead Digital Thermometer for Adults, Kids, Baby, Fever & Body (White & Purple)

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Trading Innovation Infrared Forehead Thermometer No-Touch Large LED Display With High Temperature Warning

Keep yourself safe and protected. Use your temperature reading without having to touch the other person. Simply hold the reader 2-5 centimetres away from the forehead for a super accurate reading. No need to wipe or sanitize the thermometer after each reading. Infrared thermometers digital are equipped with detectors that transform the thermal energy into electronic signals, which can be read on an LED screen in less than a few seconds. This infrared forehead thermometer has multiple benefits like high temperature alert, data memory storage, Large LED display with backlight for clear visibility.


✔️ The Gun-style design is easy to handle.
✔️ No contact temperature measurements from a safe distance.
✔️ High-accuracy infrared measurement.
✔️ Designed for all ages adults, infants and elders.  
✔️ Multipurpose use, it can take human, room or object temperature.
✔️ Large LED screen for clear visibility.
✔️ Data Memory Function for storing temperature readings.
✔️ High Temperature Warning alert.


☛ Brand - Trading Innovation
☛ Product Type -
Infrared Forehead Thermometer
☛ Colour -
White & Purple
☛ Power - DC 3V, 2AAA battery (Not included)
☛ Power indication - Yes
☛ Weight -110 gms
☛ Size -
14.9 x 7.7 x 4.3CM
☛ Measuring Distance -
2-5 cm