Thermal Self Heated Pet Plush Cushion Mat

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Thermal Self Heated Pet Plush Cushion Mat Specially Designed For Comfort Sleeping

The self heating Pet Bed has a heat reflecting layer with thermal insulation which means that the bed absorbs the animal's body heat and warms it through. This works exceptionally well for older and younger pets, it’s also washable and has an anti-slip backing too. You'll rest assured knowing your pet is ultra-comfy and warm whilst drifting off to sleep.

Can be used in a wide range of beds, cages, or directly on the floor, use it in places where extra warmth is needed such as stone and laminate flooring.


  • Self-Heating Pet Bed with thermal insulation.
  • Ultra Soft and washable cover.
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Reflects the body temperature of a cat or pet to keep it warm.
  • Collapsible Police Vehicle Pop Up Play Tent.
  • The thermal pad is lightweight and highly portable.

Product Information:

  • Brand - Trading Innovation
  • Product Type - Self Heated Plush Cushion Mat
  • Material - Plush faux fur
  • Colour - Off-White
  • Suitability - Dogs, Cats, Kittens & Small Pets
  • Dimensions - L64cm x W 49cm