Turntable Suitcase Digital Audio Bluetooth Players

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Turntable Suitcase Digital Audio Bluetooth Players

Music soothes the soul and vintage music is perfect to listen to on loop. This black turntable Bluetooth digital audio player is designed to add an authentic touch to your music listening experience. This vintage-looking retro player is perfect to justify the melodious vinyl music. It is easy to carry and portable to allow easy transportation from one room to the other. It features carry handles that add to ease of mobility. The full Bluetooth connectivity allows a hassle-free music listening experience. It has a stand-alone player with a built-in speaker for improved audio quality. The versatile and vintage design makes this Retro Fusion Briefcase Vinyl Turntable a focal point in the interior schemes of your home furnishings.

• Delivering full Bluetooth connectivity with digital audio quality
• Perfect to create a statement in your interior spaces
• Transfers Vinyl to MP3 via USB link
• Equipped with carry handles for ease of mobility
• Features undeniable aesthetics and black finish