Ultra Violet 12 LED torch

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12 LED Ultraviolet Stain Detecting Flashlight

Stressing over carpet and furniture stains is now the thing of the past! Use this 12 LED ultraviolet flashlight to easily spot scorpions, dry pet stains and other spots in the dark. Turn the lights out to reveal everything you need to clean up under this UV torch or use it to authenticate passports, currency and drivers licence. The light beam covers a large area without the strength and intensity of the light weakening. The light effectively detects stains and smudgy spots that are difficult to dee with the naked eye and works best in completely dark environments. The lightweight watch offers easy portability to help you avoid invisible stains in hotels, vacation homes and other places.

• 12 LED Ultraviolet flashlight to detect stains or authenticate currency and other documents
• Powered by 3 AA batteries, included
• Lightweight and compact design offers complete portability
• Functions best in completely dark environments