Colour Changing Air Humidifier with USB Cable

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Colour Changing Air Humidifier with USB Cable

This air humidifier helps in eliminating dirt particles, dust mites and polluted air to offer a pleasant and soothing atmosphere by aromatising the air. This air purifier comes along a USB cable that enables you to place it anywhere and everywhere as per requirements. A user manual is included with this aroma diffuser to help you set this on a flat surface. The simple steps involve removing the diffuser base from the outer cover to pour approximately 100 ml of liquid into the water tank. You can also add 3-5 drops of pure essential oil of your choice to create a mesmerizing ambience. After plugin the power adapter, you can turn on or off the diffuser as per your need.

• Portable air purifier with 1m USB cable for convenient use at different places
• Easy to install steps enable users to set up the purifier as per requirements
• Comes with 16 changing colours design to create a soothing and attractive ambience
• Helps in purifying the environment polluted due to dirt, dust mites and air particles
• Excellent gifting option for newly wedded couples and parents with toddlers